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Where is your Go-To Place for Advice on Business

Running a small business can be difficult & complicated on various fronts. In such a scenario where do you go to seek advice?

Which is the first place that you look for advice?

Is it Google? Or YouTube? Forums?

Do comment in the comment section below Your Go-to person or place for small business advice.

Many people struggle to find the right person or place to seek advice for their small business. So today we have compiled a resource for you where you can seek help & support from for getting advice for your small business.

Government Help & Support for Business and Self Employed

If you’re looking for advice for your small business or startup, or even if you’re just in the planning phase, government has a range of resources.

You can find advice on writing a business plan, financial advice and support, and links to the various schemes that are run by the government.

You can click the link below for more information on the same

SCORE - Service Corps of Retired Executives

SCORE is a place for FREE quality advice from people who have vast experience in running a business successfully. SCORE business mentors can help you start, grow, or transition your business.

Check the link for more information Get FREE Advice from Business Experts | SCORE SCORE also has a plethora of information in their free library which you can browse anytime

Human Resources Solutions

They provide free resources for small businesses in terms of templates & guides for HR policies.

Human Resource Solutions offer professional advice to small businesses, as well as free white papers and procedural advice


Well, you don’t always have to be afraid when it comes to HMRC. They do have some real advice helpful for small business.

You can check for yourself here how much information is given on their website.

Bright Business Support

This is a free service for employers. They say that you get expert advice that’s perfectly tailored to your business - without the costly price tag. Worth a try? You can click below to check their website.

And ofcourse …..

LMS – That's Us.

At LMS, we can advise you on Bankruptcy & Insolvency matters that are of concern to you.

We offer initial FREE ADVICE throughout the UK on matters relating to Company Insolvency & Bankruptcy.

Feel free to call us for no obligation initial advice on 0161 864 3824 or e-mail:

Alternatively, you can use our Contact Us Form to get in touch with us.


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