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Insolvency Avoidance


If your business is suffering as a result of recent difficult events such as Covid19 or the loss of a customer or is struggling with cashflow and is under pressure from key creditors such as HMRC or a bank, LMS can assist.

We offer guidance & resolutions to help turnaround:

  • Bad Debt

  • Tax arrears

  • Loss of a significant customer

  • Failure of a key supplier

  • Lack of investment in the business

  • Delays in production

  • Sudden departure of key staff



LMS understand that many companies experience difficulties when it comes to HMRC liabilities, and we can assist in restructuring this nature of debt.

LMS can negotiate to repay these arrears over a sensible period, giving your business every opportunity of survival.


This method has provided the opportunity for companies with short-term problems to succeed.


We provide clear advice for businesses that wish to grow to the next level and businesses that are underachieving.

LMS understands that business difficulties can come from a wide range of factors which are sometimes outside of the directors/businesses control. LMS can review your situation and create a strategy to strengthen your business.

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