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Landa Management Services. 


We assist companies facing financial difficulties. As a company director feeling under pressure, the speed at which we can help you identify your options is paramount. You may be pleasantly surprised at the alternatives available to you – it may not be the end of the line in terms of your business and the earlier you speak to us, the more we can do to improve your situation.
In many cases, an insolvency process can help your business emerge in a much stronger position. Our experts are available to offer free advice today on your options.


A business may be under performing or experiencing difficulties for a variety of reasons. The problems may well prove to be less serious than initially anticipated. However, it is essential that the problems are isolated and the causes identified if we are to provide you with constructive assistance.
Our specialists undertake independent reviews which focus on the critical issues and provide clear recommendations. Our reviews are tailored to the specific needs of a company’s directors, the bank or any other lender and are often used as the basis for decisions concerning. Contact our team today

⦁    future viability

⦁    additional or new lending

⦁    corporate reorganisation

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